Boyd strikes out 13 in less than 6 innings


Detroit Tigers pitcher Matthew Boyd evened his record to 6-6 by striking out 13 batters in 5 1/3 innings in a 11-5 victory over the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago.  When Boyd was pulled for a reliever in the bottom of the sixth inning, the Tigers were winning 8-4 at the time.

Strikeout record was near

The record for striking out batters in a Major League Baseball (MLB) game is 20.  The record is currently held by Roger Clemens and Kerry Wood.  When Boyd was taken out of the game, he still had a chance to break the record.  From that point in the game, there were still 11 outs on the table.  Therefore, Boyd still had the potential to go down in history with ample room to spare.

A baseball (Image from Pixabay)

Why was he taken out

Right now, the Detroit Tigers are 28-54.  The Tigers are 24 games out of first place in the American League Central Division.  Boyd is not pitching in the All-Star Game next week.  However, Boyd was not given the chance to go for the record even though he would have received extra rest for his arm after this outing.  Why was he taken out?

Trade rumors

The Tigers are looking to protect their investment because they are possibly looking to trade Boyd before the July 31 deadline.  If they would have kept Boyd in the game, then the risk of injury would have diminished his trade value.  Wouldn’t breaking a cherished baseball record enhance his trade value?  Nevertheless, his trade value remains high due to his earned run average hovers at a little below four runs per game.  If he is traded to a contender which has a stronger lineup, then his record would be considerably better in the second half of the season.