Labor Day Special: Tweets from a White nationalist

Image from Pixabay.

Towards the end of this decade, White nationalism has become a trend in the USA and in Europe due to migration of immigrants from Mexico into USA and from African and from Turkey into Europe.  As a result, White supremacists are becoming bolder in expressing their spin on current events.

After 8chan was shut down due to mass shooters placing their manifestos on the site before they commit multiple murders, White nationalists have now turned to Twitter as a way to influence impressionable teenagers.  As an example, I have a White nationalist that follows me on Twitter.  He also has a White nationalist rock band called Element 115, which means that they were not good enough to go mainstream with their music so they had to go with a niche in order to be noticed.  For this Labor Day special, you will see a few of the tweets this group worked on over the past week.

See you on 9/20

Although US authorities are telling people not to storm Area 51 on September 20, you can probably count on Element 115 to be in Nevada.  Here’s what they tweeted on Labor Day.

Since they are openly advertising their love for UFO’s eighteen days before 9/20/19, you will more than likely see them there.  Sedona, AZ is only about a six and a half hour drive to Area 51.  White nationalists tend to be anti-government, so any chance a major event like Storm Area 51 can expose something about the government will be supported by them.

Image from Pixabay.

What happens in Alabama stays in Alabama…Not!

Unfortunately, whatever happens in Alabama does not stay in Alabama.  On Friday evening, a teenager injured ten people in a shooting during a high school football game in Mobile, AL.  Over the weekend, this incident was on every major news network as the link is from NBC News.  Since NBC News reported on this shooting, that means that every local NBC station throughout the country aired this incident on the news.  However, Element 115 did not obtain the memo on how television production works.

Yes, every network covered this shooting.  Therefore, his tweet is illogical.  Fortunately, he admitted that White supremacy thinking is propaganda, which means that the concept of White supremacy is untrue.  People from all races do horrible things.

Clutching the US Constitution

The number one sign that a person is a White nationalist is that the person has a fetish with the US Constitution.

How do White nationalists start off their month?  They clutch on to the US Constitution.  Their default after every mass shooting has been the second Amendment in which every US citizen has the right to bear arms.  However, they lose grasp of the Constitution when you mention the 13th Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and the 15th Amendment.  Their grasp of the second Amendment is hypocritical because they do not support the rest of the Amendments with the same vigor.

Conspiracy theories

White nationalists also love conspiracy theories.  This conspiracy theory is so bad I will end the post with this tweet.  Good night!