Michael Porter Jr. to miss NBA Summer League


The wait for Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter, Jr.  has now been extended as he suffered a left knee sprain Wednesday evening in a scrimmage at the Nuggets practice facility.  However, this injury is not serious so he will be ready when the NBA preseason starts in September.

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Why are we waiting?

Three years ago, Porter, Jr. was one of the best high school talents in the country.  At 6’10”, he has the frame to handle traffic on the inside, but he also has the capability to dominate from the perimeter as well as in the paint.

After signing with Missouri, he was expected to have Missouri contend for the SEC Championship.  However, he suffered a hip injury in their first game against Wagner.  He actually had a herniated disc removed from his back that was causing pain in his hip.  He was scheduled to miss the entire season, but he came back to play in the SEC Tournament and the NCAA Tournament.

Although his play was hindered towards the end of the season, he declared for the NBA Draft and was selected by the Denver Nuggets at the 14th pick last summer.  Denver took a calculated risk by having Porter, Jr. sit out the entire season in order to avoid further injury.  That gamble paid off as the Nuggets ended up the 2nd seed in the Western Conference Playoffs.


Denver has a real good chance to win the Western Conference crown based upon the progress the team made last season along with Porter, Jr. beginning his NBA career this upcoming season.  He was looking forward to showcasing his vast array of skills in the NBA Summer League, but injured his knee Wednesday evening.

Hopefully, he will be ready in the fall because the waiting has been too long.  Get well, Michael Porter, Jr. so that the injury-prone tag will be removed.