Monsanto keeps trolling, trolling, trolling


Monsanto has been contaminating the Earth for decades.  Their history of chemically poisoning the world began with the manufacturing of the first pesticide featuring dichloridiphenyltrichloroethane, or better known as DDT in the 1940’s.  However, DDT was banned decades ago except in certain cases because DDT was shown to cause cancer.

Vietnam War

One of the special cases in which DDT was used was in the Vietnam War during the 1960’s and the 1970’s.  In order to evade regulators, it was renamed as Agent Orange.  The chemical was sprayed all over in the jungles of Vietnam in order to take away the hiding places of the Viet Cong that would ambush the US military.  The problem is that Agent Orange caused people to have cancer and for their offspring to have birth defects.  Children in Vietnam are still being born with birth defects presently because Agent Orange still remains in their ecosystem.


Then, Monsanto created polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s) during the 1970’s.  This chemical was used in transformers, capacitors, hydraulic fluids, coolants, and lubricants.  However, this chemical was also banned in the 1970’s along with DDT and Agent Orange because PCB’s also caused cancer as well.  Earlier this year, Monsanto was sued by Los Angeles County due to the contamination that is still in the water from PCB’s that were dumped over 40 years ago.

Sun rise
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Glyphosate problem

Now, Monsanto has a problem with glyphosate.  Glyphosate is the main chemical in the weed killer known as Roundup.  The problem is that glyphosate also causes cancer as well.  Over 18,000 lawsuits are currently in litigation in the United States of America.  Up to this point, Monsanto has paid out $2 billion to people that have been diagnosed with cancer due to using Roundup.  Nevertheless, Roundup still sits on store shelves all over the nation.

What’s the problem?

How is it that Monsanto is able to continue to sell Roundup with very few repercussions even though the herbicide is a carcinogen?  Over the past few years, Monsanto had their scientists write fake scientific reviews claiming that glyphosate is totally harmless.  These reports have muddied up research on the product so that Roundup stays on the shelves.

Fusion Center

The video at the top of this post shows that Monsanto created an aggressive public relations campaign known as the Fusion Center.  The Fusion Center looked to keep Monsanto in a good light by attacking any journalists that focused on reporting on how horrible glyphosate affects the health of people.

Monsanto keeps trolling, trolling, and trolling!  Although the Fusion Center is closed, Monsanto has even trolled me for previous posts I have made about glyphosate.  One of the trolls that they have sent in an attempt to gaslight me is known on twitter as Element115.  If you miss the jingoism from 8chan being shut down, then head over to that twitter feed.  I will not be stopped by trolls that remain under the bridge.