Not Caring About Athletes

NCAA basketball (Pic from Pixabay)

Two high-profile college athletes were suspended by the NCAA over the past couple of weeks for basically doing nothing wrong.  After these incidents, the NCAA should no longer be known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association, they shall now be known as Not Caring About Athletes.

No Loan for You

Ohio State defensive end Chase Young was suspended for two games for taking out a loan so that his girlfriend could watch him play in the Rose Bowl last season.  He actually paid the loan back before the suspension even took place two weeks ago.  Fortunately, Ohio State won the two games he missed rather easily because the Buckeyes played Maryland and Rutgers.  He will be needed for their next two games because they will be playing Penn State and Michigan.  The NCAA could have wrecked Ohio State’s football season because Young should not have been suspended at all.

NCAA basketball (Pic from Pixabay)

Stay in the slums!

Memphis freshman center James Wiseman has been suspended by the NCAA for receiving help in moving to a better neighborhood.  According to the NCAA, he should not have received the help and stayed in poverty.  The NCAA has not given a verdict on how many games Wiseman will be suspended, but I hope that he will not be banned for the rest of the season.  Memphis will not win the NCAA Tournament anyway because they showed a lack of effort in their loss to Oregon last week.


The NCAA does not care about the athletes because they exploit them for massive gobs of money.  In 2018, the NCAA generated $1.06 billion in revenue.  College athletes only receive $2,000 to $5,000 per year.  However, athletes will no longer be exploited by the NCAA as they will be able to profit off of their names, images, and likenesses in 2021.