Really, Jake Marisnick?


Houston Astros utility outfielder Jake Marisnick is planning to appeal a two-game suspension along with an undisclosed fine he received after colliding with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim catcher Jonathan Lucroy at home plate in the bottom of the eighth inning of the Astros 11-10 victory over the Angels Sunday evening.  Really, Jake Marisnick?

Unnecessary collision

At the time the game was tied when Marisnick was running home on a sacrifice fly attempt.  The ball was slightly off the mark so Lucroy had to step up over the plate to catch the throw from the right fielder.  Instead of sliding around Lucroy to the outside of the plate, Marisnick bowled Lucroy over in a mash-up that left Lucroy with a concussion.  If you watch the play in the above video, then you can clearly see that Marisnick ran into Lucroy on purpose.  Really, Jake Marisnick?

Maybe some remorse?

Marisnick was asked about the play yesterday evening after the Astros lost 5-0 to the Texas Rangers.

“Obviously, I still feel terrible about it.  It was a rough couple of days just going through the … just kind of everything that happened.  Had a chance to sit back and digest it.  Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of takes on it, and obviously everyone has their own opinion.  But I know deep down in my heart that I had no intent to hurt, or make contact with him.”

Jake Marisnick, save the crocodile tears for your teammates.  He had to look deep down within his heart because he could not find any reason why he should not have ran into Lucroy.  Really, Jake Marisnick?

A baseball (Image from Pixabay)

Proof in the pudding

His position on the Houston Astros proves that he ran into Lucroy on purpose.  His role for the team is pinch-runner/utility outfielder.  Although he does not start most of the games, his role on the team is very important because he usually comes into games as either a defensive replacement or a pinch runner.  In this role, he knows not to run into the catcher even more than his teammates.  Running into the catcher actually shows how reckless he is as a pinch-runner, which means that he should be seeing less playing time.  Really, Jake Marisnick?

Take the suspension

Plus, he did not even play in the game last night.  His suspension is for two games.  He could have just taken the suspension and missed yesterday’s game and today’s game so that this story would have went away.  Also, he should be grateful that he was only given two games because Lucroy will be out for at least seven games on the disabled list.  Marisnick should have been suspended seven games.  Really, Jake Marisnick?

Even with the loss, the Houston Astros are in first place in the American League West with a seven-game lead.  Take the suspension and the team will still be in first place when you come back.  Really, Jake Marisnick?