Rise and Shine

Sun rise
Image from Pixabay

“Rise and shine” is one of the oldest phrases used in the English language.  The phrase means “to tell someone to wake up and get out of bed.”  Even though the command is used in a figurative sense, following each part of this phrase from a literal standpoint can bring about productive change within your life.


The first part of the phrase is to rise.  You must make the conscious decision to get up each and every day.  You must choose to keep going no matter what circumstances may come your way.  This primary selection at the start of the day can be used as a catalyst to continue to rise throughout the day.


After waking up, the next step in the phrase is to shine.  Instead of going through the motions like the rest of society, choose to be brilliant and choose to act with excellence.  This extra step to shine could propel you to even greater things within your life.

Sun rise
Image from Pixabay


  1. Enlightenment.  Using the concept of rise and shine on a daily basis, you will first begin to receive enlightenment.  Choosing to shine will open up your mind on how to achieve the excellence that you are striving for.  As you continue down your path of excellence, people will begin to notice the difference within you.
  2. Vision.  You will begin to see beyond the horizon, beyond your present circumstances.  Vision is necessary so that you will be able to mold your future instead of having circumstances mold you.  The blinders will finally be taken off so that you will be able to see things in perspective.
  3. Expansion.  While you are seeking after excellence when everyone else is remaining the same, you will begin to notice a gap between you and others.  Excellence will put you on another plateau that others cannot reach because your goals will be converted into reality.  You will start to reach benchmarks that others around you are not reaching.  You will expand while others will shrink around you to the point that people will begin to gravitate towards you and that people will start to ask you for advice.
  4. Protection.  We live in a society in which anything can happen to anybody at any time.  If you are striving for excellence every day, then you are placing yourself in a position that will make you untouchable.  Matter of fact, you will find people to support you on your journey towards excellence.  If you are an aspiring writer, then this site could provide the help that you need in order to achieve greatness.