Here are a few things that I am thinking about today.

Listening is important

As a writer for, much time is used to be expressive as possible with words and phrases.  However, the best way to fully put all of my thoughts in a post, I must choose to listen what I am thinking about.  I also must have the self-awareness to extract knowledge from whatever I am listening to so that the information I write about is unique and fresh.  Readers love new content.

My creation process as a writer begins with listening.  Listening then turns into observation.  I am always looking for insight within a situation.  Processing insight starts with the 5 W’s (where, what, why, when, and who) and how.  Questioning myself and finding answers leads to me finally relaying the information to the reader.  Hopefully, conveying new ideas can positively change whoever reads my posts.

Image from Pixabay.

Eating properly

We all have to eat food in order to survive, but many people do not eat properly.  In this disparate world of elitism and egalitarianism that we live in, many people cannot afford to place the proper nutrients within their bodies.  Some people have the funds to eat properly, but decide to eat way too much.  Some people are pressured to maintain the body image portrayed by society by eating too little.  Every person must find their perfect balance in regards to nutrition.  Once you find that perfect balance, then you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

Fasting also helps one to eat properly.  Being totally not dependent on food will allow a person to enjoy what is on the plate when dinner time rolls around.

People are so nosy

People are always trying to infiltrate the business of another person.  In this era of technology, snooping and hacking has allowed for people to become so nosy.  In this day and age, one must go about his or her business without putting his or her business in public.  For example, I decided to write this post without telling anybody because I have been burned in the past by putting my business in the street.  Do what you have to do with as little intrusion as possible from other people.  People who always want to know what you are doing are people that are doing nothing.  Do not allow their nagging to stop what you are planning to do in life.

That’s all I have for today.  Have a nice weekend!