Strange tweets from Element 115


As Americans, we have to do more as a country to prevent future mass shootings.  I have a suggestion on something that we can do that is relatively easy to do.  Before the mass shootings in Gilroy, CA and in El Paso, TX, both shooters left a manifesto on their social media feeds.  Whenever we see this type of rhetoric show up on our social media feeds from a follower, then we must notify authorities of these posts so that the authorities can monitor future posts of that unhinged person.

A twitter follower that is off the rails

Now, I have a person that follows me on twitter that is totally off of the rails.  Plus, his twitter page shows that he lives in Arizona.  The username on twitter is Element115.  I am going to post a few of his tweets that he has sent out over the past month.  Then, let me know in the comments whether or not his social media usage should be monitored.  Let’s go on this wonderful journey into the mind of Element115.

Image from Pixabay.

He’s alive like Elvis and Jim Morrison

One of the most common conspiracy theories are that the singers Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison are still alive.  However, this tweet below about a new conspiracy puts this guy at Alex Jones level.

What clues are he talking about?  He is claiming that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive.  He must have been at In-N-Out Burger with Ghislane Maxwell.  Did he do the autopsy on Epstein last week?  Even Fox News reported that he died because he hung himself in a jail cell after his first attempt failed.

Latino leprosy

You can tell if someone has gone crazy when that person attempts to tie two things together that never go together.  Element 115 takes it one step further by thinking that his train of thought was logical enough to share with the twitterverse.

This tweet consists of two sentences.  I can relate with the first sentence because I do not want to see anyone contract leprosy and have their limbs disintegrate.  However, the second sentence in the tweet conveys the thought that illegal immigrants from Central America are bringing leprosy across the US southern border.  He wants the wall to be built in order to put an end to leprosy.

According to this guy, Latino leprosy is a problem.  However, I have not seen any video of a mother from Guatemala hopping on one leg into Texas because she lost her other leg to leprosy.  I hope that this guy does not become a problem for the rest of the USA when he totally goes off of the rails.  He needs to be monitored.