Thoughts for 9/8/19

Remeber to bring your umbrella. (Image from Pixabay)

Start your Sunday off right with these positive affirmations.

Be the difference

Instead of waiting around for someone else to make an impact upon this earth, decide to be the difference today.  You have the power to heal others.

Focus is necessary

When you focus on reaching your goal, then others that do not support your drive will eventually stop being around you.  If you are tired of mediocre people around you, then choose to increase your focus.  The mediocre masses will scatter quickly once you choose to focus.

Understand your uniqueness

People will always look to put you in a box with phrases like “you remind of…” in order to ascertain the uniqueness that you have.  Never allow for others to compare you to someone else.  You are a unique individual.  You are incomparable.  Nobody else can be you.  Step out of the comfort zone so that you will be able to live life to the fullest.

Remember to bring your umbrella. (Image from Pixabay)

Help out others

Bring change to others so that they will be able to break the self-conceived notions place over their lives.  When you help others break ceilings within their lives, you will be able to expand your horizons as well.  I call it the boomerang effect.  Whatever you do eventually comes back to you.

Rise up

You may have been knocked down from time to time, but you have to choose to get back up again.  Nobody can stop you from getting back up again when you decide to rise up.

Byproduct of principle

Choose to be a byproduct of principle instead of deciding to do whatever you want to do.  For example, you may want to jump over a cliff.  However, the law of gravity tells you that you should not jump over a cliff because your body would go splat at the bottom.  Therefore, you select to not jump over the cliff; thus, you based your decision upon the byproduct of principle.