Why did you declare for the 2019 NBA Draft?

NBA basketball

Last week, the deadline for withdrawing from this year’s NBA Draft came and went.  For some players that were on the fence on keeping their name in the draft, they made the smart decision and they chose to go back to play college basketball next season.  Many of these players listened to the right advice because 82 players selected to go back to their respective universities in the fall.

However, 89 players chose to stay in the NBA Draft even though there are only sixty picks in the NBA Draft.  That means that about one-third of these players will not be picked.  Fortunately, for the first time in history, players that are not drafted will not lose their college eligibility.  The NCAA had to protect these players from their own delusional thinking.

Since a few of these players will not be picked in the upcoming NBA Draft, I decided to focus on those I guarantee will not be hearing their name on draft night.  Here are the most egregious offenders that kept their name on the list.

Every year in the draft, a few unknown players will enter to either raise their exposure or to become eligible to be signed to play overseas in Europe, Asia, or Australia.  Here are seven of those players.

We do not know you

Troy Baxter, Jr – FGCU.  Why choose to give up a year of sun and fun in Florida to make sure that you are embarrassed when you are not drafted.  Usually, Florida-Gulf Coast is a sound mid-major, but they were destroyed in the Atlantic Sun Conference by Liberty and Lipscomb.

Daulton Hommes – Point Loma.  Where in the world is Point Loma?

Jacob Ledoux – Texas-Permian Basin.  Do you remember that movie called ‘Friday Night Lights?‘  The high school in the movie is located in Permian, TX.  Mr. Ledoux went to a school in a town that is famous for football instead of basketball.  If he was good enough to be drafted to play basketball, then he would have played in a town that was famous for basketball.

Trevor Manuel – Olivet (MI).  Why did you crucify yourself by choosing to stay in the NBA Draft?  You will not be drafted.

Isaiah Reese – Canisius.  You did not dominate in the MAAC, which means that you will not be drafted.

Jalen Sykes – St. Clair College (Canada).  I know that you are excited about Toronto being in the NBA Finals, but the enthusiasm has gone too far.  Why would an NBA team draft a player that American college coaches did not recruit?

Austin Robinson – Kentucky Christian.  Who are you?

NBA basketball
Image from Pixabay.

In the next group are eight players that should have known better and stayed in college.  These players were OK last season and played against top-level college competition.  However, the constant drubbings that they took from opponents did not convince them to work on their craft during the summer.  Instead, they thought that they will be drafted by the NBA.  Let’s take a look.

Too delusional

Charlie Brown, Jr. – St. Joseph’s (PA).  The Atlantic 10 Conference was way down this past season, and Brown still could not dominate within conference play.  His draft prospects are about as good as Charlie Brown kicking the ball that is being held by Lucy Van Pelt.

Sacha Killeya-Jones – North Carolina State.  As a freshman at Kentucky a couple of years ago, he never saw much playing time because his teammates were way better.  He decided to sit out a season by transferring to North Carolina State.  Instead of just looking to play this upcoming season with a strong effort against ACC competition, he kept his name in the draft.  Fortunately for NC State, he will not be drafted and he will start at center for the Wolfpack.

Brandon Randolph – Arizona.  Randolph is sort of in a bind because his starting spot at guard will be taken next season by freshman guards.  Instead of transferring for playing time, he decided to go pro.  However, he will not be picked because Arizona did not make the NCAA Tournament in the horrible Pac-12.  Randolph will either have to come off the bench for Arizona next season or transfer.

Justin Simon – St. John’s.  The reason I watched St. John’s last season was because of Shamorie Ponds not because of you.  You will not be drafted.

V.J. King – Louisville.  King really thinks that he will be drafted.  Here are his stats from last season.  He averaged 3.9 points per game and 3 rebounds per game against the very best in the ACC.  Does he really think that an NBA team is going to draft him so that he can average one point and one rebound per game?  He might get signed to play in Australia, but he is not getting drafted.

Jaylen Hands and Kris Wilkes – UCLA.  Hands (14.2 ppg, 6.1 apg) and Wilkes (17.4 ppg) put up some solid stats for UCLA, but the problem is that UCLA’s record was 17-16 in the worst conference in college basketball history.  Plus, they don’t play defense.  They will not be drafted.

Rayjon Tucker – Memphis.  Last season, Tucker played for Arkansas-Little Rock.  He played well by scoring 20.3 points per game, and he was looking to increase his exposure this season as a graduate transfer to play at Memphis.  However, he saw all of the freshmen that were recruited to play at Memphis.  Instead of having confidence in himself to compete for playing time on a team that will have Final Four aspirations next season, he copped out and declared for the draft.  This type of logic ensures that he will not be drafted.