A challenge to Senators Lee and Rand: Meet us Face to Face

The Fealgood Team

Senators, it has been 18 years now. On September 11, 2001, our country experienced its greatest tragedy in modern history. It did not just impact New York City, it moved a nation to rise and respond. People from almost every district in our country responded. The world is now defined by, before and after September 11th.

2,973 lives were lost; today over 2,300 have now passed from their 9/11 illnesses. We will soon surpass the number that died on that horrific day.

We were sent back in by the Federal government who assured us that the air was safe. You know now that this was a lie. Intellectually I understand the needs of the few, versus the needs of the many. We are the financial capital of the world. America had to get Wall Street up and running, the nation had to show our strength, resilience, and solidarity. However, as one of the few, I do not emotionally understand your failure to atone for the omission of truth. It has now cost 92,000 their health and thousands of lives.  We watch our friends and colleagues struggle, wither and pass before our eyes. Many like #LuisAlvarez in his last days chose to go to DC with us to testify and plead with you to listen to him. You denied Lou his last wish.

Senator Rand Paul @randpaul

“Today, we say a prayer for those who lost their lives and their family members. You will never be forgotten. “ Sep 11, 2015

Senator Mike Lee @senmikelee

“Ten years ago, I went to work 2 blocks from the White House. Our firm had just opened an office in the World Trade Center. My colleagues & I watched in horror as the buildings fell to the ground. We had no idea if our friends had made it out alive. I saw smoke rising in the distance from the Pentagon, the phones didn’t work, & the metro was closed. It was a day I will never forget. My prayers go out to the victims, their families, & all who have given so much to keep us safe these last 10 years.”  September 11, 2011

You each expressed your thoughts and prayers for us on every anniversary of that day, keep them. They are empty offers to those who have endured and suffered so much for almost two decades.

You say you need to cap the cost, can you cap the number dying? You say the cost of S546 is too great. We know the true cost we are paying with our lives. Please tell me since money is your greatest concern, what is a life worth?

Take my challenge, call a meeting face to face with us. Listen to our stories, then while you look in our eyes, perhaps you will find your humanity and do the right thing.

#Do the right thing, even when no one is looking.” Ray Pfeifer