I Declare Myself a Feminist For Men and Women Alike

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The word feminism spurs mixed emotion. To me, a word feminist is a form of power and protection. Power for my fellow women and protection for my fellow women.

This idea of feminism being a negative, man-hating movement has held traction for many years. To think that a movement about the equality of women somehow centers back to men is alarming and proves the point of feminism. Women aren’t asking for men to lower themselves; just to help their fellow women get to their level and improve at a rate that benefits all, not some. I am a feminist because I want equality of the sexes.

For so long, I did not declare myself a feminist, because I quickly become tired of defending my morals and constantly repeating myself. Why should I waste my breath if someone already has a pre-conceived notion about me? Not that I care about that, or so I thought. Things changed when I realized the importance of showing my true opinions.

To stand up for all women is a large challenge, but life fulfilling and necessary when it becomes exhausting to fight against each other.

A feminist is defined as “a person who advocates for the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. With this definition in mind,

I declare myself a feminist.

With all women in mind,

I declare myself a feminist.

With myself in mind,

I declare myself a feminist.

I can’t say I am perfect in practice. Many times, I find myself relying on old social practices meant to separate the sexes (certain jobs are for men, certain jobs are for women, leave it to the men, leave it to the women, the list goes on) and having to stop and call myself out. If I practice the belief that a person can’t do this to me, then I can’t do this to them. While I can’t control the perspective of others, I know that my perspective has to expand, and it has to become more compassionate.

This movement can’t succeed without the ability to listen and understand one another, male and female.

I declare myself a feminist because my success is your success and your success is my success. Quite a mouthful I know, but it covers all the high points. This life becomes better when we decide to look out for each other, however, women have to improve at this aspect more than men. I try to look out for my fellow women by spreading positivity through compliments, honest conversation, and fighting for what I believe to be right. As I said, it’s not easy in practice however that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be practiced.

To be a feminist means to be open and life also has to open up. Life has to evolve from old societal traditions.

Not an easy feat, but worth it in the long run. Why you may ask? We all have sisters, mothers, cousins, nieces, aunts, and other females to come that will have a long list of preordained obstacles that come with being a woman. Is it fair that we must have a life with harshen steps that barely allow elevation, or that we must work twice as hard to make a fraction of a difference? Is it fair to expect women to live this preordained obstacle course? The answer, to all the above, is no.

I declare myself a feminist,

Because I am tired of defending my morals and constantly repeating myself.