3 Exciting Adventure Holidays To Try Out This Year

Mt. Kilimanjaro
Congratulations! You made it to the top. [Image by caromcdaid on Pixabay]

If you have had enough of the annual sunburn on the beach bit, try something different by having an adventure holiday.

Adventure holidays aren’t for everyone. However, if you do have a little adventure in your soul, once you try one, you will definitely crave more. There is no way you will go back to the “normal” boring holiday after this. Here are three examples of adventure holidays to try out for your next holiday.

1. Jungle trekking in Sumatra, Indonesia

Thanks to palm oil and the deforestation of many parts of Asia, the iconic and beautiful orangutan species is endangered. This adventure holiday will let you see them in their natural habitat, before mankind finally makes them extinct!

Orang-utan in the Sumatran jungle
Orangutan in the jungles of Sumatra [Image by vandaagevenniet on Pixabay]
Enjoy a two- to four-day trek through the jungles of Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. Sumatra is well-known for its tropical terrain, volcanoes and fascinating wildlife including the iconic orangutans. You will head out of the city with a backpack on your back, comfortable walking shoes and a bottle of water You may feel a little trepidation as the pathway gets a bit more of a challenge along the way.

Your expert guides will make this as comfortable for you as possible and the wildlife you will experience is just amazing. Besides the orangutans, you will come across black gibbons and Thomas’s Langur monkeys, as well as a wide range of different bird species.

While the orangutans can sometimes look a little threatening and territorial, as long as you leave them alone, they will reciprocate! Sleeping in the jungle each night is an adventure of its own, with the jungle sounds playing all night. You will often awaken to the sight of an inquisitive orangutan, investigating your campsite.

2. Head up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Many people think Mount Everest is the best mountain anyone can climb. However, Mount Kilimanjaro is also a challenging and enjoyable climb, with amazing views along the way.

Mt. Kilimanjaro
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania [Image by Gary Craig on Flickr]
This snow-capped peak stands at 5,895 meters, making it the highest peak in Africa. It is also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Bear in mind, it is possible to climb Mount Kilimanjaro without any specialist equipment or mountaineering training. However, if you want to reach the summit of the Roof of Africa, it isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Getting a little training in beforehand can only help.

Whatever the time of year, it is important to ensure you pack the correct clothing for a Mount Kilimanjaro hike. As temperatures can vary depending on the time of day or where you are, layers are definitely the way to go.

Camping on Mt Kilimanjaro
Camp on a Mt Kilimanjaro climb [Image by Wandelvrouw on Pixabay]
As to the route, there are several you could follow, but the most popular is the Machame Route. As you climb up Uhuru Peak, spending nights in comfy igloo tents, you will be amazed at the wonderful panoramic views that surround you.

3. Biking in Morocco

And now for something completely different! Imagine climbing on a bike and heading off through a stark and beautiful desert landscape.

Biking in Morocco
Cycling in Morocco [Image by John Englart (Takver)/Flickr]
Enjoy an off-road biking experience like the Atlas Descent in Morocco. Here you can spend eight days biking through desert areas, palm trees and trails. This area is mostly untouched by tourism and as you go, you will get many opportunities to meet the local Berber people and learn about their traditional way of life.

Nights will be spent in traditional Moroccan Riads and days spent exploring the Atlas Mountains in all their splendour. Your expert guides will teach you more about biking in harsh environments and about the geography, history and culture of Morocco.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Atlas Mountains, Morocco [Image by calflier001/Wikimedia Commons]
So, take the plunge, and try out one of these adventure holidays this year. You will likely find you can’t go back to having “ordinary” holidays ever again.