3 Great Ideas For An Autumn Getaway

Autumn view
Autumn colours [Image by Valentin Sabau on Pixabay]

It’s been a long, hot summer this year, but the cooler autumn temperatures are already being felt. Let’s take advantage!

Autumn is the perfect time to get away for one more break before the winter months set it. The season is a little like the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” The weather is not too hot, not too cold and is often just perfect! It is also the ideal season for photographers to catch the perfect image with those gorgeous autumn colours and beautiful light.

Whether heading to the beach, taking a cruise in a canal boat or exploring the countryside, the following are some suggestions for the perfect autumn break, whether at home in the UK or abroad.

1. Beach break on the Costa del Sol in Spain

As is always the case, the weather has been really hot and steamy on the Costa del Sol this year. The beaches and restaurants have been packed and there has often been difficulty finding a parking space. Talking beaches, this is what the charming seaside resort of La Cala de Mijas looks like in autumn!

La Cala de Mijas
La Cala beach – photo by Anne Sewell

The summer holiday on the Costa del Sol runs officially up to 15th September each year. This is when autumn comes in. From that moment on, the weather (hopefully) gets cooler and the crowds thin out a little. There is plenty of space on the beaches to park your parasol and towel and no problem ordering a delicious meal. Bear in mind, however, that as time goes on, the chiringuitos gradually close for their well-deserved winter break. No problem, however, as there are still plenty of good restaurants open.

Obviously, for those with school-going children, this isn’t always a convenient time, but if you can get away you will enjoy perfect weather (with the odd cloudy or drizzly day) right through September and October.

2. Explore the canals of the UK

What better way to spend the mild autumn days then pootling along the canals of Britain on a canal boat? Head off on various different routes on an autumn canal boat holiday, stopping whenever and wherever takes your fancy.

Canal boat holiday
Canal boat holiday in England [Image by CleanerShrimp on Pixabay]
Obviously, being the UK, great weather is not always guaranteed, but your canal boat comes with all the necessary mod cons. There will be plenty of hot water and central heating and being on the river is so darn pretty, whatever the weather. After a day of exploring, get comfy on the couch and watch TV while enjoying a meal cooked in your well-equipped kitchen on board.

Best of all, those with a camera can moor their canal boat and take long and lovely walks, capturing all the autumn shades in their splendour. As to destinations, you could head to the city of Bath to enjoy a spa treatment, take a trip down the canals to visit Peak District or admire the university buildings in Cambridge, among many other great destinations.

3. Exploring the lovely Cotswolds of England

What better place to be during the autumn than in the countryside and quaint villages of The Cotswolds? This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has many attractions for the whole family. Explore the villages with their iconic golden stone or spend time in the beautiful countryside. Head to the rivers and lakes to try out fishing and boating while munching on a tasty picnic.

The Cotswolds
The quaint villages of the Cotswolds. [Image by Bilal EL-Daou on Pixabay]
The Cotswolds begins are a series of gently rolling hills around the upper Thames. It then heads down the scenic Cotswold Edge above Evesham Vale and the Severn Valley. Along the way, the Cotswolds covers a number of English counties. While most is located in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds also touch on Warwickshire, Somerset, Worcestershire and Wiltshire.

The Cotswolds of England
Enjoy the beauty of the Cotswolds. [Image by Simon Elliott on Pixabay]
This choice of delightful travel destinations and ideas gives a number of places for the best autumn break this year.