A foodie adventure in Spain and Greece

Dining in Greece
A restaurant in Greece [Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay]

While we all enjoy eating, foodies take things one step further and love exploring varied cuisines and discovering the best flavors.

Europe has many countries, offering their own take on what to put on their plates and there are some delicious options out there for every foodie to enjoy. Below are two countries where you can enjoy some of the best tastes of Europe.

1. Spain and the taste of the Mediterranean

One of the delights of Spain is the variety of tapas (or pinchos) that are available in the many tapas bars all over the country. Tapas are an appetizer or snack, which is really a small portion of Spanish cuisine. These are ideal, particularly for those who are new to the taste of Spain, allowing them to sample various dishes. They can then discover which they particularly like.

Spanish tapas
Spanish tapas [Image by Elemaki on Wikimedia Commons]
Tapas are often served cold, for instance as a mixture of olives and cheese. However, they are often also served hot, for instance as a sample of fried baby squid. The traditional practice has become a more sophisticated cuisine, which can be combined to make up a full meal, offering a variety of tastes.

Paella is another famous offering in Spain, which originally hails from Valencia. A variety of paella is available, but basically the dish consists of white, round-grain rice cooked with saffron over a fire in a large, flat pan. It includes a variety of ingredients, such as vegetables, seafood, chicken or rabbit, or a mixed paella.

Paella cooking over a roaring fire [Image by Jan Harenburg on Wikimedia Commons]
There are many more appetizing dishes that are typically Spanish, including Tortilla Española, Gazpacho and many more, typical of Mediterranean cuisine and it is impossible to list them all here.

2. A foodie adventure in Greece

Greece is a great foodie destination, with beautiful beaches and islands and plenty of history. However, the country also offers some delicious food. Some of the most well-known dishes are souvlaki or moussaka.

Souvlaki is a popular fast or street food in Greece and consists of pieces of vegetables and meat on a skewer, cooked over a grill. Souvlaki is often eaten hot, straight from the skewer, or is combined with vegetables or salad and other options for a full plate of food.

Souvlaki served with falafels and humus. [Image by Jeff Velis from Pixabay]
Moussaka is a dish every foodie should enjoy in Greece, and its base is either eggplant (also known as aubergine or brinjal) or potato. The dish often incorporates meat, such as lamb, and comes in a range of different regional recipes. It is cooked in the oven in a delicious creamy sauce until crispy on top.

Delicious Greek moussaka [Image by RmX86 from Pixabay]
Other dishes in Greece feature seafood, olives and delicious cheeses. Greece is firmly getting into the food and wine tourism industry and many food and wine-tasting tours are available in the country. There are often cooking classes available too, where foodies can find out how to cook the various delights when they are back home.

Enjoy the flavors of Spain and Greece on your next foodie vacation and take back ideas to include in your own home cooking.