British diver swims with jellyfish that was bigger than her


Lizzie Daly is a diver and biologist who got the thrill of a lifetime on a dive off the coast of Cornwall in the form of a giant barrel jellyfish.

It was day 7 of Ocean Week for Lizzie Daly as she was diving off the coast of Cornwall in England. She got the surprise of a lifetime during her dive when she came across a jellyfish that was bigger than her. The whole experience was captured on video and posted to Facebook, showing Daly swimming alongside the gargantuan jellyfish.

Daly says she has never seen a barrel jellyfish – or any jellyfish for that matter – that big, adding that it was the size of her body and the best thing she had ever done.

Human and jellyfish swim side by side

The video footage, included below, shows Daly approaching the massive jellyfish and swimming alongside as the jellyfish trails its frilly tentacles, while pulsing through the water. Daly said sharing a swim with the huge marine creature was “absolutely incredible.”

According to the Wildlife Trust, this particular species of jellyfish – Rhizostoma Pulmo – is the largest type found in UK waters. Its bell normally reaches three feet in width and the jellyfish can weigh almost 80 pounds. However, the one Daly encountered was much larger than that.

Daly told the Guardian that she wasn’t concerned about swimming alongside the jellyfish, close to its tentacles. She explained that this type of jellyfish has a very mild sting and doesn’t pose a threat to humans. According to Daly, people stung by this type of jellyfish don’t even feel it. They would without a doubt see it though!

Giant jellyfish makes an impression

Daly, who is a wildlife host and conservation advocate working with the BBC and other entertainment outlets, said on Tuesday she wrote her new jellyfish pal a thank you note after her experience. It made that much of an impact on her meeting the giant jelly while diving.

In her note, Lizzie addressed the creature as “Giant Jellyfish,” telling it how many people it had inspired in the past few days, with people asking what it was, was it really that huge. They also say this cannot be happening in UK waters?

However, it happened indeed, and the video footage of Daly’s swim was captured by underwater camera operator Dan Abbott. He posted a photo of Daly, showing her dwarfed by the massive jellyfish and captioned with the words, “I can’t believe that just happened.”

As noted by NPR, Wild Ocean Week is a special that Daly and Abbott were working on to highlight the beauty and splendour that can be seen underwater. They aim is to encourage other people and organisations to get involved and help preserve the beauty of the oceans.

Daly went on to say that seeing the giant jellyfish has definitely given her a wider audience, for which she thanks it, saying she feels humbled to share the same space as it did in the sea off Cornwall’s coast.