Choose a family activity holiday in the French Alps this summer

Whitewater rafting
Take the family white water rafting this summer - Image by Pixabay

Many British families tend to head to the beaches of Spain or Southern France, or have fun at the many exciting theme and water parks across Europe. Your children are now getting bigger, and while these options are fun, why not try something different this year and choose a family activity holiday instead?

Fun activity holidays for families

Now the kids are getting a little older, there’s nothing like adding a little adventure to their souls.  There are many options available in the way of summer activity holidays for the whole family. Here we look at fun walking, road cycling and white water rafting holidays in the Southern French Alps

1. Walking holidays in the French Alps

Take a hike in the Haute Savoie, experiencing the beautiful scenery and local wildlife with an expert mountain guide. Spend a leisurely few hours strolling through the Haut Giffre Valley on well-marked trails.

Walking holiday in the French Alps
Family walking holiday in the French Alps – Image by Pixabay

All hiking trails involve gentle slopes with no dangerous drop-offs for those with a fear of heights. The average walking tour takes you up around 900m (2,953ft) per day.

Stop off and enjoy a picnic along the way, surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery and immersed in complete peace and tranquillity.

2. Road cycling in the French Alps

The French Alps are a wonderful destination for a road cycling holiday. It must be borne in mind that the area is at its busiest from mid-July until the end of August. If you wish to avoid heavy traffic, take your holiday before or after those dates. Also avoid taking a road cycling holiday when the Tour de France is on, for obvious reasons!

Suggestions for cycling destinations

While some areas are more difficult to navigate, the best idea is to base yourselves in one of the beautiful towns in the area and explore from there. Vogue Magazine describes Annecy as the “Venice of the French Alps,” as the pretty town lies on a glacial lake and features three canals. The town also offers ideal cycling roads in the town itself and the surrounding area.

Annecy, France
Annecy, France is a pretty base for a cycling holiday – Image Pixabay

Bourg d’Oisans in the Romanche Valley is another popular choice. The town nestles at the foot of Alpe d’Huez and is surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Morzine is a popular ski destination in winter, but it also offers the perfect mountain bike routes in the summer months.

3. White water rafting in the Southern French Alps

An ideal holiday trip takes you to the heart of the Ecrins National Park, surrounded by rugged mountains. The family then climbs aboard an inflatable canoe or small raft to head down the exciting Severaisse River. This glacier-melt river takes you on the water equivalent of a roller coaster ride.

White water rafting
White water rafting is the perfect family adventure activity – Image by Pxhere

The French Alps white water experience is ideal for both novice and experienced kayakers. In fact, if you are new to the sport, the Southern French Alps is the perfect location. In summer, the area is warm and sunny and the levels of the river are pretty much stable, with no terrifying experiences to be had. As your family develops the necessary skills, you can try out harder white water rafting locations in the future.

Have fun with the whole family this summer, enjoying an activity holiday in the beautiful Southern French Alps. Future articles will cover other sports in this area, including parasailing, canyoning and rock climbing holidays.