Consider a romantic holiday in India this year

Visit romantic India
Romantic India (Image by Pixabay)

India is a vast and exciting land with many unique attractions. Beautiful scenery, stunning architecture and the delicious scent of spicy foods are just part of what India is all about.

There are many romantic locations to visit, whether as a couple on holiday or enjoying a honeymoon in India. The following are some top suggestions.

1. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu and its lovely sunsets

Kanyakumari is nestled on the southernmost tip of India. This the place to see the best romantic sunsets on any evening. However, it is more than this on Chitra Pournami (full moon). This is when you can sit together watching the sun setting in glorious colours, while the full moon rises in tandem. Sunrises are also incredible here, the perfect way to start the day on a honeymoon in India.

Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
Sunrise at Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu (Image by Evonne/Flickr)

Kanyakumari  is almost completely surrounded by water and lies on the spot where the Bay of Bengal meetings up with the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. When not gazing in awe at the sunset, visit the fascinating Bhaghavathy Amman temple which has been sitting on the shoreline for around 3,000 years.

2. A houseboat in Kumarakom, Kerala

Kumarakom is a village in Kerala, nestled on Vembanad Lake in southern India. The village is networked with canals. Here beautiful, traditional houseboats can be seen, moored among the lush greenery and palm trees.

Kumarakom houseboats
Kumarakom houseboats (Image by Raman Patel/Wikimedia Commons)

Enjoy cruising one of the houseboats through the area, while discovering all the bird life at the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, including Siberian storks and cuckoos. Cross the lake to visit Pathiramanal Island, where migratory birds spend a lot of their time.

Also make a point to stop off at the Bay Island Driftwood Museum to view beautiful wood sculpture by local artists. The ancient Thazhathangady Mosque is also a fascinating visit, just to the east of the village.

3. Udaipur, Rajasthan

The beautiful city of Udaipur, with its pink-hued palaces, standing tall over a series of artificial lakes, is one of India’s most romantic cities. While admittedly the lakefront is now full of hotels, the winding back streets of Udaipur reveal the true nature of the city. This area retains the Udaipur of old, with its historic bazaars and traditional havelis (townhouses or mansions).

Udaipur Palaces
Udaipur Palaces (Image by Geri /Wikimedia Commons)

Another way to experience the city’s romantic nature is to head towards the romantic City Palace via a boat on Lake Pichola to get a true feeling of the palace’s history and allure. The complex houses 11 palaces as well as courtyards and beautiful gardens, famous for their peacock mosaics.

4. The Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh

The well known Taj Mahal is probably the largest and boldest romantic symbol in the world. This magnificent piece of Mughal architecture was designed and built to house the body of Muntaz Mahal, the favourite wife of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Semiprecious stones and precious materials were obtained from all over the world to create the splendour. On top of that, it took around 20,000 men over 20 years to build the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh (Image from Pixabay)

It might in some way be thought over-the-top and extravagant, but there is no denying the romantic nature of this remarkable creation.

For a truly romantic holiday, spend time at these and many more fascinating locations in India.