Shop until you drop in Bali, Indonesia

Market in Ubud, Bali
Market in Ubud, Bali [Image by Schnobby on Wikimedia Commons]

Bali is an island and an exotic destination in Indonesia, famous for its beaches, rice paddies, coral reefs and volcanic mountainous scenery.

The island has many popular beach resorts and cities, including Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua. It is also known for its beautiful temples, including Uluwatu, set up high on the cliffs. Relaxation can be enjoyed at yoga and meditation retreats to get away from the stress of daily working life.

Another popular way to ease stress is retail therapy, where you can shop until you drop in Bali! The following are locations of markets where you can buy the perfect souvenirs and gifts to take home to your loved ones.

1. Silver Jewelry from Celuk Village

Celuk village is a popular destination for buying silver jewelry and has been producing beautiful silverwork for around 100 years. Even better, when purchasing silver handicrafts in the village, this helps the local silversmiths to not only survive, but to continue producing the beautiful silver artworks.

Celuk Village is located in the Gianyar area of Bali.

Silversmith in Celuk, Bali
Silversmith in Celuk, Bali [Image by Jos Dielis on Flickr]

2. Batuan Village and Art

Batuan is the place to purchase work by local artists, including paintings done in a unique and detailed style since the 1930s, which has become a major artistic style in Bali and is dubbed Batuan painting.

An example of the Batuan painting style [Image by Jorge Láscar on Flickr]
Batuan is also known for sculpture work and the performing arts and is a great place to experience the famous dances of Bali. Batuan Village can be found around 7 km (4.3 mi) north of Denpasar and10 km (6.2mi) south of Ubud.

Should any visitors be worried about their safety when visiting Bali and the various markets, the local people are friendly and open and always ready to help.

3. Mas Village and Wood-carving

There are a number of art villages in Mas Village where you can learn about art, including the famous wood carving for which the village is known. Attend a wood-carving demonstration to see the artists at work and pick out a few pieces to take home with you.

Wood carving in Bali
Wood carving in Bali [Image by Sean Hamlin on Wikimedia Commons]
Mas Village can be found in the Ubud sub-district and Gianyar Regency, in the eastern area of Bali.

4. Tohpati Batik Village

Another well-known artwork produced in Bali is batik, and Tohpati is the home village of the art form in Bali. Each batik design has a touch of the Bali culture, usually including religious myths and always offering plenty of color.

Batik work from Tohpati
Batik work from Tohpati village in Bali [Image from Needpix]
Tohpati is located east of Denpasar and around 12 km (7.5 mi) from Kuta.

On a visit to the village, you can find out more about the Batik home industry, from designing, to waxing, to the process of coloring and drying the art. It is possible to buy fine examples of the batik work, dubbed Batik Tulis, in several showrooms throughout the village.

Take home truly unique artwork as a souvenir of your trip to Bali, Indonesia. It will stand as a constant and wonderful reminder of your vacation.