Take a gap year and experience working abroad

Overseas employment
Choosing a destination - Image by Pixabay

Many graduating youngsters these days decide it might be fun to do a little traveling before settling down into the daily rut of a permanent, nine-to-five job. What better way to gain experience and open up the mind to other cultures than by traveling? There are opportunities to work your way around Europe, head to Australia or even the Middle East.

Experience working overseas

For British graduates – with Brexit looming somewhere on the horizon – there might problems working their way around Europe in the future. However, other opportunities will still exist. Those heading out into the big, wide world from the USA can definitely make some money while exploring foreign lands.

There is also the opportunity to learn new languages and generally have fun. Besides working in the vineyards, picking apples and other tasks, there are also other opportunities to gain experience. The following are some suggestions for a gap year abroad.

1. Digital experts gaining experience

A new study by Boston Consulting Group has shown that those with digital talents in the USA are among the most willing to relocate to foreign lands. Their preferred destination is London, England, where valuable experience can make them the most in-demand workers in their field when they return home.

Digital expert
Those working in programming can widen their CV – Image by Pixabay

The study polled 27,000 people from 180 countries with skills such as web development, programming and mobile application development. There were also those involved in robotics, engineering and in artificial intelligence. Of those polled, two-thirds were definitely open to working in a different country to help advance their careers. Adding those opportunities to the curriculum vitae is key.

2. Working in the Middle East

With the current media climate, the Middle East tends to get a bad reputation. However, not all Middle Eastern countries are involved in conflict and terrorism. There are many marvelous opportunities to be had in unique surroundings.

working overseas
Dubai is a modern and exciting city – Image by Pixabay

Cities like Dubai in the United Arab Emirates are ultra-modern and exciting and those wishing to work in the hotel field, for example, can gain valuable experience. Obviously, the lifestyle is totally different to that at home and the various countries offer delicious cuisines, exciting shopping experiences and more.

camel ride
A camel-riding experience in the desert – Image by Pixabay

There is also a growing European community working in the Middle East and plenty of fascinating adventures to be had during time off work.

3. The lowly fruit picker

While this type of work won’t affect your curriculum vitae as much, traveling to foreign countries to pick fruit and work on farms is a great way to broaden the mind. It can also be a lot of fun, meeting like-minded folk, learning the local lingo and soaking in the culture of the country.

fruit picking
Picking fruit in Europe is a mind-broadening experience – Image by Pixabay

Obviously, this type of work is seasonal, but it allows you to backpack around the world. You could try grape-picking in France, head to Australia to help with the harvest or pick strawberries in the UK.

You would, of course, need to be pretty fit for such tasks, but after the day’s work is done, there is always a lot of camaraderie with fellow workers from all over the world. Head into town, try out the local cuisine and practice communicating with the locals. Of course, earning a few pounds, euros or dollars along the way doesn’t exactly hurt.

Experience work abroad during your gap year or even as a different vacation experience between existing jobs.