Visit three of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world

Golfer with a view [Image from Pxfuel]

The game of golf was first invented in Scotland in the 15th century. Golf developed and progressed so much, the first 18-hole course was created at St Andrews in 1764. Keeping in Scotland, the world’s oldest golf tournament, The Open Championship, or British Open, was first played in Ayrshire in 1860.

Since then the game has become popular worldwide with many golf players of different skill levels enjoying the game. For those with the wherewithal, the following are some of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world, perfect for a great round of golf. However, they are not that easy to gain membership to.

These three exclusive golf clubs are listed not in order of global ranking, but by areas of the world, exclusivity and sheer beauty.

1. Pine Valley Golf Club, Clementen, New Jersey, USA

According to a post on National Geographic, one of the top exclusive courses in the world is Pine Valley Golf Club. Reportedly this course is a little mysterious in golfing circles, as it is extremely private and difficult to find.

Pine Valley Golf Club
Pine Valley Golf Club [Image by Peetlesnumber1 on Wiki9media Commons]
The club is nestled among beautiful scenery in Pine Barrens and members have called the Par 70 course one of the finest in the world.

Pine Valley Golf Club initially opened in 1913 and has since extended into beautiful virgin woodlands. This goes to enhance the sheer beauty of the course and its surroundings.

2. Queenwood Golf Club, near Ottershaw, Surrey, England

Queenwood Golf Club is rated one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the United Kingdom. This extremely private club is open to only members and their guests. Those guests include celebrities such as Hugh Grant, Michael Douglas and Andrij Shevchenko, along with many famous golf professionals.

Golf player
Golf player (Image by PxFuel]

The golf club opened in 2001 and was designed by David McLay Kidd and developed by an American businessman, Walter Forbes. According to rumors, the joining fee would knock you back some £200,000 ($260,500) making it a little out of reach for the average golfer!

3. Cypress Point Club, Pebble Beach, California, USA

According to an article by Golf, relating to the world’s most exclusive golf courses, Cypress Point is one of the most beautiful and challenging courses in the USA. The article mentions that the club cannot be accused of being welcoming, even to its paying members.

As can be seen in the image below, beautiful is definitely the word for the golf course and its surroundings.

Posted by Golf Digest on Monday, April 22, 2019

Comedian Bob Hope once spoke of Cypress Point, saying, “One year they had a big membership drive at Cypress.” He went on to joke that the club drove out 40 members!

While Hope was a member himself for over 40 years, he can only recall playing there around six times, but he paid up his hefty membership fees each year. It turns out the club divides the total operating costs between its exclusive members and they pay, even if they never actually play the course.

While many golfers will never get the pleasure of playing these courses, it is certainly great to see how the “other side” tees off!