Yoga and the practice of mindfulness in this crazy COVID-19 world

Catching the sunset
Yoga and catching the sunset [Image by MBatty from Pixabay]

The stress of daily living is already hitting most people in the world. On top of this, the recent COVID-19 pandemic is adding to the strain, so how best to handle life these days? Here are some ideas.

1. Take the People’s Pledge

As countries rise in an effort to contain the novel coronavirus pandemic, this only adds to the stress and pressure of people worldwide. Avaaz is a global Internet movement, aiming to bring people-powered politics to the world’s decision-making, instead of relying on our so-called “leaders.”

In response to the current COVID-19 virus pandemic, Avaaz has launched the “People’s Pledge.” They are hoping to use the current epidemic as something to join humanity together, instead of splitting us apart. The People’s Pledge aims to bring everyone together for a common purpose. That purpose is to slow the spread of the virus, allowing hospitals and doctors to better cope. This will also allow time for a vaccine to be developed.

Avaaz points out that each of us can help to stop the virus. We must all wash our hands regularly and avoid close contact with other people. Anyone feeling unwell should stay home and if necessary, seek medical advice.

It is also important for us all to protect anyone who is vulnerable. Give them support, assistance and love while keeping them safe. Due to the massive spread of misinformation on the Internet, it is also important to only share “reliable, factual information” with loved ones and friends.

We should make all efforts to counter the voice of fear, by using love. Read more about the People’s Pledge and sign up to be part of the movement.

2. Yoga and Meditation

This is something anyone who feels panicked by the current state of the world can immediately do. Learn about the relaxing practice of yoga, not only to calm the mind but also to lower blood pressure and increase flexibility and muscle strength.

Man meditating [Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay]
A number of yoga and wellness centers are available worldwide, where guests can relax and tune out daily stress. Yoga and meditation lessons are readily available for those new to the skill. Many centers also offer a comfortable or luxurious stay and spa facilities, away from the stress of the world.

For anyone not able to travel right now, search on YouTube for videos giving lessons on the practice and take time out every day to calm and center yourself. Interesting to note, India’s Namaste greeting is becoming popular right now. This allows you to be polite, without having physical contact with others.

3. Use common sense

One of the best ways to handle the current novel coronavirus pandemic is to use common sense. Don’t panic!

As suggested by the experts, wash your hands for 20 seconds on a regular basis, especially if you have been out of the home. Wear latex gloves when using shopping trolleys, ATM machines and other surfaces touched by others. Cough and sneeze into your armpit, not all over the crowd! Also, while it is admittedly difficult, also avoid touching your face when out in public, to lessen the possibility of infection.

When shopping, yes, maybe buy a little more than you usually would. However, don’t buy out the entire store. Bear in mind there are vulnerable people in your neighborhood who cannot afford to stockpile food and grocery items. If you buy up all the stock, you are putting those vulnerable people at even more risk. Videos have recently gone viral of people grabbing hundreds of toilet rolls. This is sheer madness!

As far as possible, carry on with your life during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones, but also respect your neighbors. It will be over soon, as long as we all take care!

Bear in mind these wise words that are currently doing the rounds:

“If the #coronavirus has taught us anything, it is the lengths people will go to when desperate. Next time you want to judge boat people, refugees, migrants fleeing war-torn lands – remember, we fought over toilet paper!”