Anne Marie Principe

AuthorAnne Marie Principe

Anne Marie works with NGO's and political campaigns to develop and fund their organizations or projects. We have hosted and created fund raisers for campaigns from NY City Council to The Governor's race. This past election, we ran the LD 40 campaign in NJ. Past clients include; United Cerebral Palsy Research & Education(CEO Paul Volcker), Tom Cruise's 9/11 NY Detox Project and the NY Red Bulls. We worked on and sponsored The 2018 Women's March in NJ. Currently advocating for the re authorization of the 9/11 Never Forget the Heroes Bill. Honored by League of Woman Voters as a Woman of Distinction. Honorary co-chair of the Congressional Small Business Advisory Board of NYC for three years. Two national leadership awards from Congress. A 9/11 Manhattan Chamber of Commerce award was presented to her organization, NY From the Ground Up for their leadership and advocacy.