AuthorAndrea O. Ojeda

Hello, my name is Andrea O. Ojeda, but you can call me Andi for short. I am an avid writer, reader, photographer, and all-around creative that asks many questions. They say curiosity killed the cat, but I have always been more of a dog person, so when I am curious I do my best to find all the answers.

From One Writer to Another: Author Discussion with Victoria E. Schwab


Victoria E. Schwab is an author of epic, mystical, monstrous proportions. With a re-release of ‘The Near Witch”, her first published novel, she shares her world with us… With over four New York Times#1 bestsellers, Schwab has an imagination that brings a blank page to life. While her career is only beginning, it has come to its first full circle with the re-release of her first published novel...

I Declare Myself a Feminist For Men and Women Alike


The word feminism spurs mixed emotion. To me, a word feminist is a form of power and protection. Power for my fellow women and protection for my fellow women. This idea of feminism being a negative, man-hating movement has held traction for many years. To think that a movement about the equality of women somehow centers back to men is alarming and proves the point of feminism. Women aren’t asking...

Andy Warhol Takes Over The Whitney Museum: You See Him Once, You See Him Everywhere


“Why do people think artists are special? It’s just another job.” Quote from Andy Warhol Work that spans three floors and past decades of influence, yet Andy Warhol can still be considered a contemporary influence on the 21stcentury. Even though he passed in 1987. To see Warhol’s work is like seeing the color red; it is everywhere that you look and many times you see it without realizing what you...