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My name is Hurshel Ricks and I was born on Earth. Growing up I had the opportunity to interact with a variety of people. This opportunity opened my eyes, mind and heart to the way people think. Being a Dad is the coolest gift in the world. I love hip hop and I have PTSD. Download my app to learn more about me. It is called DA FRONT PORCH RADIO. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @daFrontPorch I studied Creative Writing for Entertainment and Digital Media Marketing at Full Sail University.



      “Guys, this is happening today. If we’re ever going to do something responsible where art has the ability to influence people’s awareness, impact the lives of these people, don’t dilute it. Don’t water it down. It’s got to be uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable. It’s miserable. It’s distasteful. It’s horrifying. But if you’re not going to do it, don’t do the movie,” is a...

Defining Racial Hierarchy


Scientific racism in relations to Steinberg is a painful conversation for many people who oppose this type of behavior. Scientific racism can be related to white in several points of our history. Many whites in the 1900’s and previous years had hatred towards blacks because of skin color, language barriers and living lifestyles. Scientific racism allowed many white people to believe that blacks...

Pills, Pills, Pills


Is today’s pill popper tomorrow’s dope fiend? Okay, we get it already, you like to pop molly with Xanax and wake up to a Percocet. Is that all you do? Is that all you offer to the hip hop community? In the 90’s and early 2000’s Bone Thugs N Harmony made some of sauciest songs about weed smoking and Ecstasy. We all knew Trick Daddy smoked dirty and 3 6 Mafia were definitely higher than a lil bit...