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I am a writer, journalist, and travel addict with specialties in politics, tech and finance. I contribute to a number of widely-read online platforms and I also write for 'The Other News', Nigeria's answer to 'The Daily Show,' which has featured in the New Yorker and the Washington Post. I have been nominated by the U.S. State Department to partake in the 2019 Edward R. Murrow program for journalists under the International Visitors Leadership Program.

Chasing a Purple Dragon: Why Reparations for Slavery Should Not Be a 2020 Campaign Issue


As the 2020 presidential election approaches, several Democrat contenders have nailed their colors to the mast of an idea that only a short while ago was considered politically untouchable. Long the subject of impassioned political discourse in the U.S., reparations for slavery has again become a political hot-button 11 years after the election of America’s first black president appeared to...