AuthorDerik Lattig

Former CBS News Producer based in Texas covering the SW Region. PAST: TV Reporter/Anchor/Producer/Manager.

Into Art? Hire an Art Appraiser Near You.


Into Art? or if you are a new collector, you probably wonder if you are sitting on a goldmine. You can only research the piece so far online and it may be time for a professional appraisal.  Let’s go over the steps of art appraisal to help you determine value. What is an Art Appraiser? An art appraiser provides a professional researched report about the value of the piece and its history...

Need an Estate Appraisal? Read This First.


In the midst of planning for your estate? Don’t overlook hiring an appraiser, it’s important.  Why Should I Get An Appraisal? Appraisals are sometimes required by the IRS when it comes to privately held business interests, especially if they are going to be claimed on estate or gift tax returns. Keep in mind an appraisal provides you with some insurance against an IRS audit and acts as support in...

That Route 66 Sign Could Be Worth A Fortune


Summer is almost here and many of us want to hit the road for vacation and what comes to mind for some is the famous ‘Mother Road’ or Route 66 and boy, are those signs worth a fortune. Route 66 was deactivated in favor of Interstate 40 back in the early 70’s portions of the Road still exist, some in large sections which run parallel to the modern Highway. HISTORY OF ROUTE 66...