AuthorEric Christopher Webb, DDiv., CPLC.

Eric Christopher Webb, DDiv., CPLC. is an award-winning journalist, spoken word artist, National Black Authors Tour Bestselling Author of five books, and a 2013 Phyllis Wheatley Book Award Finalist for Best First Fiction. In addition, the former syndicated columnist and Washington News Correspondent for Thomson Newspapers is a certified professional life coach, an ordained interfaith minister, and a motivational speaker. Dr. Webb speaks and conducts personal and professional development workshops at universities, colleges, institutions and corporations nationwide. He has also been featured in or on The Washington Post, Thomson Newspapers, National Newspapers Publishers Association News Wire, ESSENCE, HBO, BET, The Learning Channel, SiriusXM and Voice of America.

The Burden of the Past: Overcoming The Greatest Threat To Personal Development


How we deal with or address our past is likely the greatest threat to our own personal development.  The past can become a deadly albatross around our necks.  It can cripple and anchor us to past experiences, mistakes and regrets, making us feel powerless. Ultimately, our inability to release or overcome our past hinders relationships, career ambition, and upward mobility. One reason why personal...