AuthorGreg Thomson

Freelance writer who avoided politics for as long as possible before it became unavoidable. Currently covering the cryptocurrency beat and finding interesting crossover points between it and the broader culture. Some time screenwriter with one short film under my belt and another in production. Hollywood has changed since the days when I fell in love with it, but you can still find glimpses of that old magic in the independent scene.

Another Guardian Writer Calls for Rebellion to Save Us from Climate Change Extinction


Far-left British newspaper, the Guardian, called for revolution on Monday, as freedom-writer George Monbiot urged readers to enact ‘mass civil disobedience’ in order to combat climate change. Writing on the same day that Extinction Rebellion protests were launched across Europe, Monbiot declared that mass civil disobedience was necessary to push back to oncoming onslaught of ecological...

Bitcoin: Freedom Currency, or Digital Pawn in the Globalist Endgame?


The secrecy surrounding Bitcoin’s creation has given rise to multiple speculative theories regarding its eventual future role in our society. On the one hand we have the hopeful view that Bitcoin, or one of its progeny, will restore financial control back into the hands of the individual – cutting out the corrupt banksters and financial elite in the process. On the other hand, we have the...

How to Get a Higher Salary – 5 Fast and Simple Tips for Success


Wondering how to get a higher salary and don’t know where to turn? The truth is that negotiating a raise on your salary is nowhere near as difficult or daunting as it seems. According to independently conducted research, only 39% of people try to negotiate for a higher salary at their place of work. That’s a big problem since, according to the same research, 46% of people consider...

Smollett-Obama Collusion: ‘Big Mama’ Michelle’s Aide Defends Texting State Attorney


Michelle Obama may have been the hidden hand behind the miraculous dropping of sixteen charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett. Obama’s former Chief of Staff confirmed exchanging text messages relating to the Smollett case with Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx. A Rumour That Became Reality: Michelle Obama Aide Texts With State Prosecutor The rumour that the wife of former President Barack...

The Trump Dimension – 4D Chess Board Officially Has a New Piece: The Donald


As the Mueller Probe throws up no evidence of Russian collusion, the 4D chess board has acquired a new piece. Impenetrable, dynamic, Queen-slaying, King-killing…The Donald. In chess, the traditional view of the king is that he is a fat, slow, lazy vulnerability, whose lack of field-experience can often cost a player the match. More symbolically, he represents the permanently outdated state...

The Abandoned Working Class of the Brexit Betrayal Won’t Go Down Without A Fight


If the recent Brexit debacle is anything to go by, students of democracy would do well to avoid any study of the European Union whatsoever, unless of course they wanted to get a lesson in large-scale corruption. More than once has a (supposedly) sovereign nation of people voted one way, only for their Europhile leaders to flagrantly ignore their referendums and stall the process for years, in the...