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Jennifer Hartman is a freelance journalist with publications in print and online. She has a degree in journalism and a passion for writing. Feature stories are light hearted and informational to make reading fun and informative.

Live Simple and Save Money


We live in an era of having it all. You want the latest gadgets when they come out (insert Apple products here). There is a constant desire to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. We want the house with the yard and the brand new car in the driveway. But with that comes the 30 year mortgage and the 5-7 year car payment. There are a few baby steps you can take to living a simpler life (if you’re not ready...

Tiny House Craze: Skoolie Edition


Have you thought about leaving it all behind and selling your house and all your belongings for a life on the road?  Maybe you just want a really cool vacation home that will travel with you to explore unknown destinations. Tiny houses are popping up all over the world as this craze to declutter and lead a simpler life sweeps across the nation.  In addition to permanent tiny houses, individuals...