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Blockchain, fintech, and political journalist; active in startup funding; social media engagement specialist, experience in development

Coinbillboard: The Unfiltered Crypto Market Cap And Rankings Website


Cryptocurrency rankings, ratings, and market position websites have become almost as ubiquitous as exchanges and, dare I say it, crypto projects themselves. The recently released tops them all. Hey! While you’re here, check out Swiss Blockchain Startup Havuta Set To Make A Splash In The Development Sector. Coinbillboard – Crypto Rankings Unfiltered Coinbillboard has...

Crypto Kev Slams Craig Wright


Crypto Kev has slammed Craig Wright in his latest episode, a vitriolic mouthful of abuse against many in the cryptosphere have come to despise. Craig Wright Is A Fraught-With-Danger Figure Craig Wright has been threatening libel and defamation suits against Twitter users who have labeled him a fraud in relation to his claims of being the creator – or one of the team of creators – of...

Swiss Blockchain Startup Havuta Set To Make A Splash In The Development Sector


A new Swiss-based blockchain startup, Havuta, is intent on disrupting the development sector by empowering NGOs with access to more, better, and longer-term data. A significant area of impact assessment weakness for development actors is their lack of access to, and minimal capacity to obtain, ‘tracer data’. According to the International Labour Organization, a tracer study is a study...

A UNESCO Review of TVET in Cambodia


In 2013, UNESCO published a policy review of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Cambodia. It found a number of concerns regarding the effectiveness of TVET in Cambodia, its linkages to the marketplace, and the measures put in place to determine success. While you’re here, check out The Impact Evaluation Problem Facing the Development Sector. TVET in Cambodia: A Work...

The Impact Evaluation Problem Facing the Development Sector


The development sector faces a growing impact evaluation problem. While not new, the issue of transparency and accountability is becoming an increasingly pressing one for the sector to confront. While you’re here, check out Why AOC Would Have Wiped the Floor with Ben Shapiro How Big Is The Aid Sector? According to one study out of Johns Hopkins University, were the development sector a country it...

The TokenPay vs. Favorite Punching Bag Roger Ver Stoush of Mid-2018 Remains Crypto Twitter’s Most Unedifying


Crypto Twitter erupts on a fairly regular basis. The most unedifying occurred last August between TokenPay and Bitcoin cash’s Roger Ver after the latter posted a presentation of the merits of Bitcoin cash on YouTube. While you’re here, check out Why AOC Would Have Wiped the Floor with Ben Shapiro TokenPay Claims Superiority Over Bitcoin as Consumer and Merchant Solution Having purchased an...

ANZ Bank Slams Blockchain Enthusiasm


ANZ, one of the big four banks in Australia, has lambasted blockchain as a hyped solution to problems that are either already solved by existing database technologies or that are yet to exist. ASININE, NASTY, AND ZEALOUS: ANZ TAKES A SWIPE AT BLOCKCHAIN HYPE The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited has attempted to distance itself somewhat from statements made by Maria Bellmas, the...

Why AOC Would Have Wiped The Floor With Ben Shapiro In A Debate


Ben Shapiro dodged a bullet when AOC declined the offer to debate him. Shapiro’s brand as a skillful intellect and powerful debater is little more than pure marketing. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a far superior intellect and a far superior public speaker. BEN SHAPIRO: MASTER OF THE CLICKBAIT-AND-SWITCH Shapiro is a conservative antagonist, famed for his outstanding debating skills and...