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Originally from Michigan, Jean is the founder and CEO of Rare Form, a full service marketing & web design agency in Oxford, England. She studied journalism, marketing/advertising at university, and taught herself design along the way. Jean also works as a consultant to brands around the world, including a few Fortune 50's. She owns other companies outside of Rare Form. Hijack, an extension and app is coming to your browser soon (and a couple of others that just may take over the world). When not in the office, she is a reader of many books, movie buff, makes the best steak in the UK, and has a mild video game addiction .

The Exposure Calculator & Should You Work For Exposure?


“Hey Jeannie, could you whip something up for me really quick? Thanks!” I get requests for pro bono work, and if it’s for family or friends, of course I will oblige. However if a complete stranger is asking me to write copy or design a website in exchange for ‘exposure’, well, that’s been a hard no since I became established. Exposure unfortunately does not pay the bills. I ran across the...

What Are Progressive Web Apps


A progressive web app is a website which acts like an app. People go to a website and here’s the great bit, you do not have to go to an app store to install.  Users come to your website and are given the option to install the PWA. And when they do, an icon will live alongside the regular apps on your phone. This means that users can return to your app without having to visit the site again. PWAs...

How To Pick The Right Domain Name


When you are starting a business, getting the right domain name for your business is essential. If you get it wrong, it could hurt you for years to come.  And with domain name squatters, and other businesses, your name might not be available. In picking a domain there are more things to consider than just the name, it could have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – aka getting found on Google...

How To Use Facebook Groups To Get More Business


Facebook Groups have been around for awhile,  but didn’t really gain traction until 2010 when they were redesigned and relaunched.  Since then they have become an integral part of the Facebook offering, rivaling Reddit, and people around the world are using them as a platform to help grow their businesses. The big question is…how do you create an engaging community that works to further...