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Hello there! I have always been an outgoing person and the one thing that I always strive to do is work smart and get results. Over the years I have moved around India a lot as I have worked as a service engineer for 2 years in the corporate sector and the one thing I have realized is that I need to adapt to grow in this ever growing and fast paced world. I took an interest in cryptocurrencies ever since my younger days and have perused my dream to be an established influencer and content creator in crypto realm. The institutions I have worked with has helped me shine a spotlight on my content creation. - I have worked as a writer for the Blockchain reporter. - I started my own cryptocurrency based e-mgazine. - I have written paid content for the Luck Box team for their ICO launch - I have interviewed various personalities in the crypto space - I am a content producer and manager for Coinbeat. I have been a content creator for about 2 years now and am proud to say that generating content is my forte. Life has taught to me always be dynamic and that is why I create different content on a daily basis ranging from blog posts to memes for comedy collectives. I look forward to add my own brand of twist to any opportunity I get and try my best to take the organisation to greater heights.