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Stephen Boss began making letterforms as a child, using pencils, brushes and calligraphy pens; next, a mouse and Bezier points; and now a mixture of media when designing new fonts. While studying at the Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, in the days of hand rendering type, Stephen was fortunate to have Richard Isbell as his type instructor. Interested in developing typefaces with a unique vernacular, Stephen started Emboss Fonts in 1995. He has consulted on type design project for Fairchild, JP Morgan Chase, Bumble & Bunble and Osh Kosh. He has also worked on more traditional design projects for the UN, Pfizer, Verizon, Walt Disney, Bank of America and many more. His work has been internationally recognized in juried shows, and featured in such publications as Japan's Timing Zero, Publish Magazine, and mass HiTech. He recently authored the book Digital Type Design for Branding, and coauthored The New Web Typography by CRC Press/Chapman & Hall.

Hot for the Presses, Monotype releases Helvetica Now


Monotype just unveiled its redesign of one of the world’s most iconic typefaces, Helvetica. Its retooled version called Helvetica Now boasts 48 fonts including weights ranging from Micro Light to Display Extra Black. Helvetica is so famous in the design world, that a feature film was produced touting the design’s perfection. How can perfection be bettered? The new design adheres to the original’s...