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'Valkyrie' Kerry is a multi-graduate with degrees in the fields of law, psychology, English, creative industries (including journalism and the arts) and the humanities. Her post-graduate work covered film and media, writing and the social sciences. Kerry has traveled to over 42 countries and engaged in a multitude of extreme sports. Although Kerry had a few articles published in her youth as an amateur her professional career in writing really took off in 2015 after she completed the poetry marathon. In 24 hours Kerry wrote 100 poems in 15 styles and 6 different languages. Subsequently her work was published by numerous magazines including; 'Tiger Shark,' 'Short Break Fiction,' the 'Some Poets' anthologies, 'Soft Cartel,' 'Peeking Cat,' 'Plum Tree Tavern,' 'Grotesque,' 'Eskimo Pi' and 'Entropy Squared.' Kerry then branched into the production of non-fiction articles and her writing was published by 'Soul Searchers Magazine,' 'Moods Magazine,' 'Voices Ireland' and 'Our Irish Heritage.' Kerry is a huge fan of horror fiction and social journalism. Compilations of her work are available on Amazon and her editorial debut 'Stan and Ellen's Grand Opus' reached number one in the UK Chapbook Chart in 2016.