Impeach Trump Now

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Democrats have been threatening to impeach Trump since November of 2016. If you are not aware, Trump did not take office until January of 2017. The reasons given for impeachment vary but ultimately the key reason is that Democrats just don’t like Donald Trump. Perhaps it is because he is a blow hard. I suspect the reason is something more simple. Donald Trump is a success. He may falter from time to time but ultimately he succeeds more often than he fails.
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So now we get onto Impeachment. I am all for it. At first I was against it. The I read this funny meme by Hyram Suddfluffel and it convinced me that I was wrong to be against impeachment.  I am not sure if Mr. Suddfluffel is a real person but the meme was most convincing and so I will highlight a few of its points.

I believe that every Republican in the House should be siding with the Democrats and bring this trial to fruition. The rules for impeachment are simple. The Senate conducts a trial. Don’t forget that the Senate is overwhelmingly Republican. So one might suspect that the trial will end the day it starts. Perhaps that is true.

I suspect that the President, being the kind of man that he is, will see this impeachment as an opportunity and he will take advantage of it.

In past Impeachment Trials, the sitting president and his legal team were able to use their right to call witnesses. Anyone can be called. Think about that for a moment. Anyone can be called. So who might the president want called before the Senate to answer questions? Here is a short list: Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Lisa Page, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Christopehr Steel, Donna Brazille, and so many more.  
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As this is an impeachment hearing, anything is on the table. The questioning would not be one sided as we saw in various house hearings. It would be an open dialog that would possibly uncover so many skeletons that all of Washington would shake. Think about it. When this many people are called before the Senate to testify they will inevitably begin to turn on each other. They will try to create scapegoats, make deals, and drive a narrative that protects each and every one of them. No matter what they say, the president will remain safe in his GOP bubble of control.
In the end the Senate will not convict the president. What we will see happen is that the media and the American public will suddenly become aware of just how must corruption has been going on behind the scenes. Some people will wake up and dump their party of choice. Others will dig in no matter what, they hate Trump so much that they would happily see the world burn rather than admit that they might have been wrong. In the end, Trump wins the 2020 election following the trial and probably breaks records for the turnout on his behalf.
“Nancy Pelosi” by The Talking Hand is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0