Kinumi Cati Breaks Two more World Records


Two new Guinness World Records have just been officially broken by Hecaterina Kinumi Eglise, AKA Kinumi Cati.

Photo Courtesy of Kinumi Cati

Kinumi is no stranger to breaking records. She previously broke the Guinness World Records for “Longest videogame marathon on a MMORPG”. In other instances she broke the record for “Longest videogame marathon on a JRPG”, “Longest videogame marathon on Final Fantasy” and “Longest videogame marathon on World of Warcraft”. She is even listed as an ICON in the Guinness World Records Books Gamers edition back in 2015 and has been featured in the books ever since. Now Kinumi has now broken 2 new records simultaneously:

Longest videogame marathon on a MOBA game
Longest videogame marathon on League of Legends

Photo Courtesy of Kinumi Cati

The records took place in The Netherlands, at Hotel Shanghai in the city of Delft. Starting Monday she gamed until Wednesday when RIOT games server suddenly entered into maintenance putting a halt to the Guinness World Record. The unexpected server down time forced Kinumi to stop well short of her goal. Still she  set a new record mark of 30 whole completed hours playing the famous online game.

Photo Courtesy of Kinumi Cati

This wont, however, be the last Guinness World Record for Kinumi in 2019. A new application for yet another record has already been made to the Guinness World Records. This will be Kinumi’s first ever Guinness World Record to be performed outside of the European continent. Her seventh record attempt will be made somewhere in Asia.

Kinumi also plans to release two singles along with her producer Miguel Costas of Warner Music. Her music is divine and well worth seeking out.

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