Pokemon Go -vs- Hackers

Niantic goes on the Rampage

Ninatic Pokemon Go

Spoofing is a long honored tradition in the world of mobile gaming. Spoofing is using a hack or app to trick the GPS of your devise. This allows a spoofer to appear in Japan while he is sitting in Kansas.

In the past, game companies have banned spoofers on occasion. Sometimes thousands would be banned in one day and at other times, the bans seemed to be almost non-existent. Now we see something new.

PokeGo++ Interface

Niantic has filed a lawsuit against an alleged hacker. This lawsuit is a very aggressive act that has put the gaming community on edge. Gamers all over the internet are freaking out and wondering what’s next. Many are cheering the move and many more are angry.


Niantic v. Global++ – Mot. … by on Scribd

Niantic claims that PokeGo++ is “creating derivative works”and infringes their copyright. Global++ has taken the lawsuit seriously. They pulled their website, twitter, and facebook pages. Their PokeGo++ no longer is accessible by gamers. I suppose that a $4billion company raining down legal fire on you, will get you to take action.

A proper Pokemon Go screen looks like this. Three examples.
PokeGo++ Interface

The fear with this lawsuit is that it could flow over and affect any gamers that made use of the PokeGo++ program. If Niantic is asking for records as a part of discovery and Global ++ turns over said records, millions of gamers could be at risk of having their accounts deleted. This includes many, if not most, who have also invested a fair amount of money into Niantic itself.If Niantic takes this kind of action, they will piss off a major segment of the gaming community.

Now all we can do it wait to see how this plays out. I would assume that this case will take years to find a resolution. Maybe by then, players will have moved on and forgotten about Pokemon Go but that is very unlikely.