Prostitution -why is it a bad word?

Salvador, Brazil - October 2, 2015:transvestite who works as a prostitute is seen at night in the neighborhood of Pituba in Salvador (BA).

Prostitution – It’s called the oldest profession in the world for a reason.

Its not popular to say it but the sex trade is a multi billion dollar industry that spans the world. In Baltimore alone, the sex trade brings in more than $100 million a year. Street level prostitutes average about $200/hour for their service. Higher end escorts can cost $500+ per hour. In Japan some celebrity prostitutes run as much as $10,000 for an hour of their time. That is a massive amount of money being made, and it is mostly tax free.

If prostitution is so popular, why is everyone ashamed to be associated with it? Why is prostitution a dirty word?

Historically, heading off to the brothel was a right of passage for men, the world over. You transitioned from a child to a man with your first visit to a brothel. So what happened? Why did the world view change?

In today’s culture of the #metoo movement, men are afraid to ask a woman out. They are afraid to compliment a woman’s appearance. I have spoken with men who would rather buy a sex doll than engage in a conversation with a lady who might later accuse them of misconduct. What I find most interesting is that most men will never admit that they pay for sex. It is taboo. It is evil. There is a cliché when it comes to the types of men who regularly pay for a whore. Many believe that these types of men would rather get their rocks off and never have a relationship. The truth is much more complicated. As a matter of fact, most men who seek out the companionship of a prostitute, are seeking a connection that is being denied to them in life.

I find it humorous that we demand that women own their own body. You can have an abortion but can’t have sex for money. It makes no sense. Morality laws should not exist. If no one is being harmed and both parties consent, then where is the crime?

Celebrities and Politicians are famous users of escorts

Think about it. Why do celebrities and politicians pay for sex when they have dozens of ladies who wish to be their girlfriends? That’s it right there. Those ladies are hung up on being girlfriends. That means a commitment. A tieing of a knot. That means being a part of their problems. How can a busy person put up with all of the added responsibilities of a committed relationship?

Look at what you have to do when you are lucky enough to go on a date. Pick up your partner. Buy her drinks and a dinner. Be witty and charming. Show off your elegance and style. If you did well, repeat several more times on different nights. Finally you have invested enough to get to the bedroom. In the modern world we work 50+ hours a week, have to work out, do laundry, take care of family, etc. We don’t have time to play the game of courtship. It is a struggle that often doesn’t pay off. In the end, the relationship doesn’t work out. Then you are stuck with the loss of the many hours you invested into a bum deal.

The girl waiting in the wings

Now lets look at the other side. Waiting in the shadows is a beautiful, intelligent woman who will give you the entire girl friend experience for a price. Go on a date, unload your problems, make out, make love, give her your credit card, and go home. No loops to jump through. No hassle. You get you have a physical and emotional experience all for a few hundred bucks. Then you can go home and play video games. She does what you want. Talks about your interests. Performs in the bedroom as you dictate. Perfection. No head games. No chance of failure. You get what you want and what you paid for.

Most women require foreplay. Most women want you to be sensual. Not an escort. Her skills and desires are yours for a price. Her professionalism is so solid that she makes you believe that she is in love with you. She gives completely and wants nothing in return except some cash and courtesy.

So you are tied up with work. You are tired and feel the weight of the world. An escort can relieve those pressures with no effort on your part. You don’t even have to call her the next day. You don’t have to fear that she might file a sexual harassment claim. She is safe.

Fetishes? No Problem.

Best of all, you can experience your fetishes without fear of rejection. She is open to you fantasies and is willing to be who you want her to be. You want to play rape, then have at it. Want a good beating, she shall get the whip. Gotta a desire to be a baby and suckle at mommy’s teet, then she is your girl. You just need to shop around and find the prostitute that offers your particular desire.

Travel? Lets pack a bag.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, an escort could be your companion. She can speak the native language. She can show you the sites. Best of all, she will make you trip as delightful as a trip to heaven. You make memories and go home.

45% of men in Italy have utilized escort services.

In Japan, 37% have paid for sex.

In America? 20%.

Chances are you know someone who has hired an escort.

Perhaps in your circle of friends, you are that guy!

Did you know that prostitution is legal in dozens of countries? Sure there are problems that might arise. Human trafficking is always a possibility. So don’t go through an agency or a pimp. Get an independent girl who actually loves her job. Even with the problems associated with prostitution, it is the oldest occupation in the world for a reason. It is also one that shall never go away. Still, the stigma remains. So lets break the clichés and show the world that prostitution is not a bad thing.