Taxi Crashes into Restaurant in Hell Kitchen


At 53rd and Ninth avenue, a taxi crashed into a building injuring eight people. The building is of mixed occupancy with a restaurant on the first floor and apartments above. The building itself appears none, the worse for wear. A single door needs replacing.

The accident left a path of destruction. A twisted bike was seen under the cab and five people that had to be taken to a hospital. Three others refused medical aid. None of the injuries appear to be life threatening. A Department of Buildings Inspector claims the damage was cosmetic to the building with only a broken door.

According to police on the scene, “the driver claims he was struck in the rear and lost control.”

An eyewitness reported that the cabbie seemed intoxicated. Whatever the truth, New York got lucky today. This accident could have been much worse.

Many news agencies are showing CCTV footage of the accident as it happened. One man is clearly scene being struck by the taxi. Others are seen attempting to evade the vehicle that to an untrained eye looked to be going about 25 mile per hour.

New York City traffic is always a struggle for tourists. For natives of New York, the congestion is just a part of life. New York city cabbies drive in some of the worst traffic in America. They are largely considered some of the best drivers. An accident of this nature is rare in New York City. If the police account is accurate, the skill of the driver possibly contributed to the fact, that no one was killed.

The NYPD say that the investigation is ongoing.