Trump, Pelosi, and Tax Returns


I do not tend to take sides on issues regarding President Trump. My observational bias is clear. If you support president Trump, then you are a bad person. A Nazi, a woman hater, or worse. The truth is that I support whomever I believe is doing the right thing. I don’t need to like the person. I don’t need to believe they are good. What I need is to believe in their commitment to making my values prevalent.

I suppose that is selfish of me and guess what? If being selfish helps my country to stay on top, then I will be selfish. So long as America is number 1, then I am a part of the best in the world. It is for this reason that I feel that attacks on the president that are damaging, are not hurting him but all of America. I was a soldier because I believed in America. That means that, regardless of whom the president is, I respect him. I want him to succeed and I believe anyone who does not want our president to succeed at his job, is asking for America to fail as a country.

The News in America

Reading the paper and watching 24 hour news has opened my eyes to injustice. Not the injustices of Donald Trump. No, my eyes are opened towards the injustices of the two party system that has control of my country. Every few days I hear that “the president is a lunatic” or “a racist” or “an idiot”. I have heard it for so long that I must be honest and say that I began to question him myself.

On Meet the Press I have heard various people say that the president is “mentally unstable”. I have never heard the show question the mental state of Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, or any democrat in office. What does that say about our press?

The Tax Return Dilemma

Another interesting thing is the quest for the tax returns. Let’s be honest. The tax returns should be released for every person who runs for office. No matter how big or small that office is, if we wish transparency, we should see those financials. Let’s take the matter a step further and demand that the financials of all close family members be released as well. As we have seen many times over the centuries, the families of politicians almost always seem to prosper. I strongly suspect many conflicts of interest. So let’s take a look.


Mark Levin said, “Why are the media disinterested in Paul and Nancy Pelosi’s tax returns? They’re multimillionaire, she’s the Speaker of the House, all legislation comes through her. We now see there’s issues with Elijah Cummings and a piece in The Washington Examiner, where his wife runs these two foundations and an enormous amount of money comes into those foundations and she gets a big paycheck from those foundations.

And some of those who are donating or have donated are overseen by his Committee. Why don’t we have the tax returns of Nancy Pelosi and the bank records of Nancy Pelosi and all the Chairman of these Committees, in fact all of the members of these Committees. Why are the media absolutely disinterested in this?”

A Solution to it all

So Mr. President, I suggest that you make an ultimatum. Demand all of the tax returns in exchange for releasing yours. It is only fair.