Horror Director Offers Chance to be a Movie Star


Have you ever thought about going into acting? Ever wanted to see your name up on the big screen? Have you ever desired to be a film producer? If you answered yes, then now is your chance. On Indiegogo, producer and director, Remy St Paul is offering you the chance to be in his movie. The catch, you have to pitch in to help make the movie possible.

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The film, CRAVE: ROOTS OF EVIL, has picked up some cult movie greats. The delightful Felissa Rose who starred in Sleepaway Camp and Lilith. Grindhouse star Billy Blair of Battle Angel Alita and Machete fame. To round out the incredible acting talent is Courtney Palm who starred in the magnificent Sushi Girl and the ever creepy American Satan.

Image Source: Remy St Paul

Remy St. Paul, “Our goal is to make a fun and star studded SciFi-Horror FEATURE film that is born from the same blood as movies like ALIENS (1986) GREMLINS (1984) CRITTERS (1986) and TREMORS (1990)”

Among the many perks available are things like; getting to own a movie prop, being killed by Billy Blair or another star of the film, and even a chance to be in a lead role yourself. One of the more interesting perks allows you to take ownership of the some of the film’s profits. An investment that could prove lucrative if the film does well in the box office.

The Popularity of horror movies has been on the rise in recent years. The fact that this film has already raised 95% of its $15,000 goal is a testament to the popularity of horror films. In eight days the film makers have raised just over $14k. With 22 days remaining, one might speculate them raising upwards of $60,000 for their film.

You can learn more at the Indiegogo page https://igg.me/at/j1bnvy84bx4/x/3470335#/