A forbidden love that draws the Mafia fighting Radical Islam


I was fortunate enough to attend to lay my hand on a book on such a topical subject, that too from the author itself with his signature on the occasion of its release on 30th of October at GT,s Hotel, Surrey Hills, Sydney, Australia.

It requires tremendous research, will power, stamina, time and imagination to write a classic spreading over 400 pages, involving 38 characters on a chosen theme and sociocultural & political setting and milieu in a country that is not usual place of residence and you have happened to spend just a week there. It is impossible to believe till you ask or are told.

This shows the admirable caliber of the author even when this is just his second book. When you learn the subject matter and setting of his previous book that involves an entirely different theme and different country that too is not his place of residence.

As evident from the title, “A Sharia London” the setting and theme is London.

Let me lift the veil of suspense and straightway come to disclose the author is no other than Vinay Kolhatkar, a Sydney based Indian Australians, a reference I make without his permission, of which he may take offense as evident from the topics and themes of his work he would prefer to be called an International citizen. He is otherwise a finance and accounting wizard, a director of Proactive CFO,s and Business Advisors.

The book is about an affair between Marlon, a politically correct history teacher and Jamila Khan, his young student who works covertly toward liberating women oppressed by radical Islamism.

As Marlon awakens to the dark underbelly of orthodox Islam, a turn of events leads to Marlon becoming a fugitive charged with murder.

I leave the rest to you. It is up to you either to leave it to your imagination or go and grab the book, available from Amazon and get lost in the plot. The work is entirely a fiction by the way.