Public Speaking


Public speaking is a coveted subject, there being thousands of books on the subject that claim to make you master in the skill of speaking, rather public speaking. The so-called specialists of the art of public speaking have earned millions by authoring the various books on the subject, holding seminars and de pocketing the aspirants keen to learn the trade.

The concept

What is public speaking, by the way, having not understood the concept and the meaning of and paying thousands for attending seminars would be meaningless exercise none the less?

Understood, that you understand the concept of public speaking, the next corollary would be off course as to why would you need to learn the technique of public speaking and obtain mastery of in. Apparently, you must be seeing through some tangible or intangible benefits of.

The context

I would not be asking you the benefits you might be anticipating to get from it.

Instead, I would be asking you a different question.

If you have happened to use any mode of transport, bus, train or even pedestrians, of which I am sure you have had the experience of all of them. You must have then noticed that 99% of them being on the phone either talking or texting a distant contact and not engaging with the ones sitting or standing next to you.

My question to you as to what is the rationale behind this practice.

Without waiting for your reply I would like to give you my explanation for this phenomenon and this instinct of mine of putting in my explanation without waiting for your response also serves as a proof in favor of my argument.

The pursuit

And my explanation is that your pursuit for learning and mastering the technique of public speaking is simply wastage of your money, time and energy as nobody is interested to listen to anything and anybody. All everyone is interested in is a good listener and speaker.

Everyone is instead seeking audience instead.

Therefore you should bother only to learn and master the technique of being an audience, not a speaker.

OK tell me what you want to say!

I will pretend to listen.