Rattle the kettle to arouse your creativity


It is easy to sail with a tailwind. How and when you settle with headwind determines your mettle.

Life is not just to blow with the flow but rattle the kettle, stand and stand out, not hackle but tackle and show the way out.

The nerd does not follow the herd if you have heard it properly.

Keep your focus and coax your mind to declutter the unnecessary grind that keeps accumulating over time.

If you are full to the brim, important information, that indeed is needed, will simply spill over unheeded. It is, therefore, important to declutter and keep the reception area of your mind clean for the incoming traffic of information, to be sent out for sorting before deciding what to do with it.

It is where and when you need to recall your creativity.

Creativity is your intrinsic attribute, a tribute to you by the creator to create a beautiful world around you.

Do not take refuge in the fate, as you are in charge of your fate, don’t wait, just plunge, forge ahead, make a difference and leave footprints for the posterity.

It may have no meaning, the meaning makes no sense, in essence, and hence do not get distraught by the thought not able to seek meaning in whatever you do. Find pleasure in your quest to seek, don’t feel meek but stand still and quite to realize your might.


Learning is a lifetime exercise, yearn to unlearn, should be your concern, instead.

Be the way, innocent like a newborn, adorning and appreciate the form and mourn the death of knowledge.

Don’t even bother to know the known or anyone who wants to be known. Let the known be enthroned to the dust of times to come that cares not at all to install the fallen or the ones who align with the powers of the day who think they will stay, come what it may.