Small Talk

Small talk

Small talk
Small talk is a skill to break the ice to start a conversation with someone you don’t already know. Your ability to make small talk can open the gate to make great new friends and form relationships.

But you are always engaged with yourself in small talk with a mind walk.

If you have got 30 seconds and your life is, on the edge, nothing less and nothing more, what is that you always wanted to do, have it done or could not do or would like to do.

Why don’t you try to walk the talk and paraphrase it in words?

What is it that you have nearly missed, have just missed kissing the success, have got it done but would like to have another go, have it done another way given the chance to enhance your output, the result you wanted but could not.

Say it in 300 characters, I said characters, not words, that is what Twitter permits you and Twitter is full of shit and everyone claims to have hit and being followed by a record number of followers.

Are you satisfied to just be a follower and be one of the innumerable followers of so and so claiming to be a celebrity or want to be a leader instead, ahead of the herd?

Do you think where you are, what you are, depends on where you were born and bread or chart your course perforce or succumb to the daily grind and stumble to be kicked and trolled, will retract into the mould of your comfort zone or steer your own course out of the maze, stand out and stand still perforce with your formidable will.

Is that clear my dear?

Put it down in 30 seconds in 300 words.

Let me see if this small talk is a big ask or just a cake walk.

Your TIME starts NOW.