Sovereignty, governance, corporations and the citizens


When we scramble through the news it is found that the countries are being referred to merely as economies, not sovereign states anymore and its citizenry consumers. Sovereignty is the absolute and perpetual power of the state, that is, the greatest power to command according to Jean Bodin.

Cost of Democracy

In the democracies, the political parties need to win elections and to contest and win elections they need vast amounts of money. Where does this money come from, large businesses, the corporations. These corporations are funding all the parties as they have access to funds of that magnitude at their disposal. Why do these corporations fund them, what for, what do they want from politicians? In exchange, they get the politicians to frame policies to suit them. Who are the politicians supposed to be working for? Whose interests they are supposed to serve, their masters, the corporations not the subjects, the citizens. Thus, as a result, the politicians end up as mere pawns in the hands of corporations and under such circumstances, they lose their rights to exercise their minds and free will and mortgage their rights to their corporate masters. They have no option.

Dual Citizenship

Many countries have introduced dual citizenship, many people have multiple citizenships and as a result, their loyalty gets divided to multiple countries they happen to avail the citizenship and associated privileged of. Moreover most the developed countries have put in places policies where anybody who has the money at their disposal can buy citizenship of that particular country by investing a large amount of money, these are called investment visas. (

As a result, sovereignty is losing its lustre, relevance, meaning and significance as the corporations are having their assets and operations spread in all the countries across the world.

Tax Havens

These multinational corporations employ a whole bunch of expensive solicitors and accounts to manipulate the taxation laws of the countries of their operations and avoid taxes. In fact, these corporations do not pay any taxes anywhere.

Moreover, there is a multitude of small island countries that serve as tax havens and their economic models are based to provide such services of hiding the incomes of these corporations.

The shareholders of these corporations have no moral or social bindings with any countries but only to profits, dividends and bonuses as they possess multiple passports.
It becomes therefore imperative on the corporations to take on the social obligations. But why should they do so? They don’t have any motivation or regulator, their only motivation is profit. Social obligations fall outside their purview.

Corporate citizenship

Theoretically, the concept and definition of “Corporate Citizenship” stipulate that corporations have social, cultural and environmental responsibilities to the community in which they operate besides economic and financial responsibility to its shareholders or immediate stakeholders.

The political parties being dependent on corporations for contesting elections the government’s of all dispensations end up being subservient to these corporations as a result. Instead of the governments regulating the corporations and holding them accountable, the corporations start regulating the government’s and dictating the terms.
The citizens are being thus reduced to merely being cogs spruiking the corporations unaware involuntarily left with no other option either.