The Cause of Domestic Violence is hijacked by Identity Politics


Violence is violence, it does not have any colors, tinges or shades. Dismissing the issue as mere violence against women is identity politics and an agenda item just to beat the drum. Any kind of violence in the family is domestic violence.

It is the children and the elders who are vulnerable, disadvantaged and affected most in domestic violence who are often ignored and are not even considered the part of the equation.

Women and men are the ones who probably already have the alternate plans in place and try to milk the relationship leaving the kids and the elders high and dry.

There is a maze of organizations and institutions, governmental as well as NGO,s claiming to be championing the cause of domestic violence. I don’t think they really could fathom the problem leaving aside the solutions to address the issues.

Most of them try to do their best to the best of their capabilities, understanding, and resources and their efforts are limited to victim support only.

There is a glaring lack of the need for the remedial and preventive initiatives and measures to put in place. understand, the intention to understand.

Nobody can understand domestic violence better than the victim of domestic violence itself. The problem is serious, mammoth and epidemic.