The spectre of climate change


Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonics ( and continental drift are a continuing process that leads to new mountain building and submergence of areas and controls the climate of the area. These changes are minuscule and take millions of years. Earthquakes and volcanoes are the manifestations of and adjustments to these movements.

The Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world was once a sea by the name Tethys and Himalayas are still rising because of the pushing of Indian plate against the Eurasian plate.

As landmasses keep adjusting the various continental plates some areas may submerge while others may emerge. The ratio between landmass and water remain the same. Therefore the scare of sea level rising is a snisteral delusion.

What is more sinister, is that the specter of climate change because of human activity has become politicians domain rather than scientists. It is the politicians who are giving the verdict on climate change and dictating the terms.

Pollution not Climate Change

Humans are responsible for air, water and soil pollution only not climate change. The bogey of climate change due to human activity is absurd. It is the creation of the either skewed mind out of sheer ignorance or shrewd planning out of cunningness of greedy corporations in connivance with corrupt politicians to scare the shit and fleecing the ordinary law-abiding citizens going along with their normal daily life, designing means and ways to make money from them directly or indirectly by creating and running a scandalous and unconscionable business, the business of carbon trading.

Carbon Cycle

Carbon dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels is taken care of by the carbon cycle (, a simple phenomenon, easy to understand taught in primary schools.


However, It is a good idea to innovate and develop alternate sources of energy like wind, solar, tidal, geothermal or hydrogen not because of any danger of climate change but merely because of the fact that the fossil fuels coal and oil is of limited quantity and not going to last forever.

Going by the arguments of scaremongers even if human activity is causing climate change there is no way they can exercise any control on its course by levying any amount of tax.


Surprisingly this climate lobby has no options and has not proposed and quantified any plans to counter, arrest or reverse the climate change by carbon trading or any other means. It has only one plan to introduce a tax.